Positive News.

So much of what we post, I would consider to be negative or reaction news to the proggie point of view. So here lets post links to positive news for our side.


First off we have this. Looks like a union is not to happy with their donkyrat masters.



Next up is a bunch stinky smelly filthy hippies not to happy with hippies that are using fossil fuels up like mad. Ohh!!!! the humanity.




Come on folks lets add to this list.


All is not so well in donkyrat land. They have splintered and fractured this country so much the only targets left are their own.


Pop some popcorn and laugh.



It is almost time.

Freedom is not free and never has been. Those that love freedom will endure every hardship to claim that freedom. Those that suck down gub’mint cheese will not.

They will steal everyone else blind in the name fairness. The looting times will be hard. They will be merciless in their pursuit of just one more meal they didn’t work for to keep their miserable butts alive just one more day.

What side are you on?

The Republican Party…….

Is finished. They have shown as a whole that they could not care care less about doing what is right for the Country. They have shown that they will do what ever it takes to do what is right for their sorry, exempt  from obarkycare, asses. They are nothing but progs with a (r) after their names.


Anyone who thinks that this party can be made back into a viable opposition party really needs to get out of the booze.


Let it burn.

Scatter the ashes.

Salt the earth where it once stood.

What a petty little creature we have in the White House.

You can claim he was born any where you want. One thing is for sure. Whether born in Hawaii or Kenya, he is the pettiest and thinnest skinned creature ever to put his feet up furniture that does not belong to him.


His behavior during this shutdown has proven it. He has lost and he knows it. He went from “no compromise” to wanting to talk about Football team names and racism for the millionth time.


Goodbye barry and take all the lackeys that put the barry-cades up for you. You folks deserve each other.

Calvin and Hobbes

Do you remember Calvin and Hobbes? Calvin was a six year old smart alec kid and Hobbes was his stuffed Tiger that came to life when no one else was around. I loved everything about Calvin and Hobbes except one thing.


The Author.


Bill Waterson. Mr. Waterson was so afraid that someone other than himself would make any money on that comic strip. No kind of Calvin and Hobbes product was acceptable to him. None.


He drove the Universal Syndicate car to fame with his comic strip then abandoned it on the railroad tracks. To Universal’s credit they let the ingrate go without fuss and today very few people even remember one of the best comics ever.


Bill Waterson. Asshole extraordinaire.